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Project Description

Allows Video Playback in the Microsoft XNA Framework, using DirectShow.
More information on DirectShowLib-2005 can be found at their project site:


  • Add both SeeSharp.Xna.Video.dll and DirectShowLib-2005.dll to your XNA project
  • Reference both these dlls
  • Create a new VideoPlayer object, passing in the filename of the video to play
  • Call VideoPlayer.Update() in the Game.Update() method every frame to update the player
  • The Play(), Pause(), Stop() and Rewind() methods can be called as soon as the player has been created.
  • To draw the video, use a SpriteBatch in the Game.Draw() method to draw the VideoPlayer.OutputFrame Texture2D. It is important to enable SaveState mode on the SpriteBatch to prevent subsequent VideoPlayer.Update() calls failing.
  • The OnVideoComplete event handler is fired when the video finishes (ie, the video reaches the end and stops). This can be used to continue the game etc once a video such as a cutscene has finished.
  • Important: Ensure that you call VideoPlayer.Dispose() once you have finished with the player, otherwise the player, video and threads may not be disposed properly.

See the provided sample for more information.

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